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MacManus' automated handling department specializes in state of the art, modular conveying solutions. We can provide a single device, complete turn key system, or anything in between to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operations. Or maybe you would just like to improve your existing equipment, minimizing the cost but maximizing the production output. MacManus Automation is not bound by any one product line, and can maintain the flexibility to choose from various types and brands of equipment required to properly solve Customer Issues in the most cost effective manner. We work closely with our customers to design solutions that are the best for their process, as opposed to a canned approach to problem solving.
Using AutoCad for 2D combined with Alibre Design 3D parametric modeling software allows us to streamline the design process while at the same time provide more accurate, easier to understand concepts and information.
One of the great features of the Alibre software is it's Team Design Function. Multiple Alibre Design users can communicate and work directly on the same sketch, model or drawing in real time, allowing spontaneous design sessions with customers or coworkers at different locations. Not only can you measure and view, but also create and modify geometry together, insert and save redlines and markups, all while communicating via text chat or voice over IP.
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